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Monday, June 04, 2007


OK. Turns out, my school shoes HAVE to be leather. Which really, really SUCKS. So I'll have to buy one pair of leather shoes. My tip? If you have to buy leather shoes, go for ones that last for ages. The ones I'll be getting come September last five years, which will see me through my entire school life. I feel really bad, but there you go. Sometimes you have no choice. But I still buy all my other shoes from Penneys, which are all plastic and cloth, so at least my shoe fetish won't hurt any animals. Posts on make-up coming SOON!

Friday, September 29, 2006

Hot Topic: Leather

Here, I was just wondering, do you guys prefer real articles, or just pictures of cute shoes? Tell me! On to the topic...
Leather. Should vegetarian fashionistas wear it? Personally, I don't want to. The reason I don't is probably selfish---I feel incredibly guilty about it, and struggle with my conscience. Not worth it. I do own leather shoes---I hadn't discovered the world of affordable veggie shoes 6 months ago. However, now that I've found Alternative Outfitters, there's NO stopping me!
I know a lot of vegetarians wear leather shoes. They argue that the meat industry is so strong, why shouldn't they wear leftover leather?
Oh no, that's not gonna fly with ME!
See, if you think like that, why are you a vegetarian? If you're saying that wearing leather doesn't make any difference 'cause it's there doesn't make sense. If you think like that, why are you a veggie?? Hello, sasuages are there, but that doesn't mean you should eat them.
There's no excuse for not wearing leather---you can find cheap non-leather shoes in high-street shops, or look online.
PS: If you have leather, don't throw it out. That's wrong, you've already bought the leather, don't waste a life.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

I Am So Sorry

You will have to forgive me. I haven't posted in AGES but that was because I was dreaming up this post...
Fur should never be worn be veggie fashionistas. But you knew that. But, unfortunately, fur is back, and while I love fake fur, you'll have to be careful...
Did you know that many shops use rabbit fur in their products?? Too true. So, to make sure you're not wearing one of Bugs Bunnies friends, make sure that the label says 100% synthetic. Otherwise, you never know...
I know some shops 0nly use fur from animals that have been killed for slaughter, and this brings on another debate, pretty much the same as the leather one:
If it's already dead, can you wear it?
Personally, I don't.
Not if I was in the Himalayas and had no shoes and someone said "Hey, Money Miss, here's some shoes!" and they were leather, I wouldn't wear them.
OK, maybe I would.
Coming soon...Hot Topic: Leather!
PS: Email me: mm25 {at} lissamail {dot} com.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Oh la la!

Vegan pleather buckle boots from I saw a pair like these in Teen Vogue, but had given up on them, as they were leather. Et, volia! I found these, almost exactly alike! $49.95
Sorry about the fuzziness! Vegan pleather wedge boots from These are by far the best I've come across. I love the detail, the cut, everything! And the price isn't bad at $39.95

Women's Dress Boot, from Aren't this boots cool? Not the best I've seen, but they're OK. At $99, I've seen cheaper...

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Guidelines 4 Shopping 4 Veggies

So, I want to save the animals, but I have no money. It's pretty easy when you have the know-how to create fabulous fashionable vegetarian outfits. Here are my tips:

  • You can still shop high-street. I do. Simply buy bags made of cloth and avoid leather. Simple!
  • So, shoes are SLIGHTLY trickier. I've been hunting for a few months for some meat-free shoes, that I could actually afford and were't hideous. Then I cam across and, both of which are just as afforable as high street shops, and totally cute. Oh, yeah, and veggie.
  • PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, don't give vegetarian fashionistas a bad name by wearing T-Shirts with slogans about animal rights and tofu. I find those soooo annoying.
  • OK, it totally SUCKS that all major big fashion names make their bags out of leather. But I've noticed that most high street shops make their bags out of cloth, as it's cheaper. There: two incentives!

Suma Kashi told me about these FABULOUS shoes from As a girl who's been <3ing Converses forever, I love these even more! They're the same style, but GET THIS, they are: vegan and sweatshop free. Hmm, somehow I like No Sweat even more then Converses!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Stay Ahead of the Game

Haven't you always wanted to be one of those people who wear the fashionable stuff before everyone else? Well, http:// is definitely a good place to start. Seeing as it's actually for fashion designers, you'll be ohso cool. Here are some ways to get the looks that will be big, according to them, on a budget:
*Let's pretend I'm Coco
If you bought a trench coat over the summer, or even a belted mac, you can use that for this look. Just pair it with Coco Chanel-esque hat, and jeans, and you're on your way. (Also in style are tuxedos, also Chanel-esque. But don't wear those, you'll dump them.)
*Geisha Girl
Once again, Asian looks are HOT. Instead of buying a kimono, buy an Asian styled scarf, and swing it around your hips.
*Folk grunge
This is such a easy look to carry off, and is perfect for when you just can't be bothered. Just wear a long cardigan, a fringy scarf, and some jeans, and you've got it!

Vegetarian Fashionista #2

Alicia Silverstone

Clueless star, Alicia Silverstone didn't just make her stamp on movie history, she's also a vegan! Also the voice behind Braceface, the adorable cartoon. And what a coincidence, Sharon (the lead character) is a vegetarian! Did we mention she was the executive-producer for it?! She also featured in Scooby Doo 2. (surprise, surprise, another animal film!)

I totally adore this cute outfit. Hey, she wasn't picked as a vegetarian fashionista for nothing! I <3>All in all, Alicia DEFINITELY deserves the title "Vegetarian Fashionista"!

Vegetarian Fashionista

So, I've decided to feature vegetarian fashionistas on my blog.
Vegetarian Fashionista #1: Pink

Now, Pink is not my fashion icon. But, she has developed a style all of her own. She puts outfits together very well, and (the main reason): she's a vegetarian! (Vegan, actually.) Also, have you seen that jacket?! Very cool. So, that is way Pink is my first Vegetarian Fashionista.


Ever since she refused to perform for Prince Harry of England, because he hunted, Pink has been known as a vegan. I heartily agree with her work with PETA. Let's hope we see more of her! (Also, she writes and sings totally great songs!)

Wednesday, August 02, 2006


I didn't even know that EXISTED. What not many people know is that nail polish contains all sort of animal ingredients (I won't go into them), so I just decided to use up my nail polish collection, and then not buy any more. Then I found THESE. Again, from

The search for meat-free boots

I didn't actually think cute, meat-free boots existed, but I found THESE little beauties:

I am so in love with them. They're quite expensive, but I soooo want them.