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Friday, September 29, 2006

Hot Topic: Leather

Here, I was just wondering, do you guys prefer real articles, or just pictures of cute shoes? Tell me! On to the topic...
Leather. Should vegetarian fashionistas wear it? Personally, I don't want to. The reason I don't is probably selfish---I feel incredibly guilty about it, and struggle with my conscience. Not worth it. I do own leather shoes---I hadn't discovered the world of affordable veggie shoes 6 months ago. However, now that I've found Alternative Outfitters, there's NO stopping me!
I know a lot of vegetarians wear leather shoes. They argue that the meat industry is so strong, why shouldn't they wear leftover leather?
Oh no, that's not gonna fly with ME!
See, if you think like that, why are you a vegetarian? If you're saying that wearing leather doesn't make any difference 'cause it's there doesn't make sense. If you think like that, why are you a veggie?? Hello, sasuages are there, but that doesn't mean you should eat them.
There's no excuse for not wearing leather---you can find cheap non-leather shoes in high-street shops, or look online.
PS: If you have leather, don't throw it out. That's wrong, you've already bought the leather, don't waste a life.


At 12:13 PM, Blogger molly said...

Sorry, the post on my blog was from the movie A Clockwork Orange.

And, yes, pictures are fantastic.

You're Money Miss, right?

At 12:13 PM, Blogger molly said...

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At 12:28 PM, Blogger Money Miss said...

Why, how did you guess?

At 1:56 PM, Anonymous cindy said...

Leather, never, never, never. I do have some leather shoes leftover from my nonvegan days, but I only keep them because I feel it would be tragic to through something away that an animal gave it's life for. As I am rebuilding and replacing my wardrobe, I will not be buying anything with leather. There are many leather alternatives so there is absolutely no need for leather, cashmere, silk, etc.

At 3:29 PM, Blogger *emma* said...

i like both, real articles and cute shoes. best of both worlds. and i LOVE this blog! you are so cool. i've always wanted to be a vegetarian, but unfortunately i don't have enough willpower. i don't wear leather, though! mostly because it's expensive, but still.

At 4:35 AM, Blogger malana said...

ok, i remember reading this interview with natalie portman and i remember her saying something about getting vegan shoes and there was a website and i've been trying to find it ever since, it's quite expensive but if you have a special occasion then these shoes are definately worth it:
it's amazing!

At 11:55 AM, Anonymous rocker said...

I am a vegetarian out of choice and do not believe we should kill animals for food . However as leather is the by-product of the meat industry yes I do wear leather products which includes the biker look. Leather makes me feel comfortable and helps me express my personality which is why I like to wear the full black leather look from head to toe. This includes jacket ,jeans and boots and occasionally gloves. It helps me get noticed and many friends have commented they wished they could carry the look off. Basically wearing my leather makes me feel good and is part of who I am, after all Suzi Quatro is a vegetarian and is renowned for wearing full leathers. She even has two dvd's one called 'leather forever' and 'naked under leather.' So my advice is stop worrying too much and enjoy being a vegetarian and enjoy your leather. We only have one life,so enjoy it. BLACK LEATHER FOREVER!

At 2:26 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


At 2:53 AM, Anonymous rockette said...

I have just discovered your great blog sight and was interested in what rocker said. I to am a vegetarian and would not wear leather products for ethical reasons but then I discovered the joys of motorcycling. It was made clear to me that leather was the only suitable and fashionable clothing. I eventually succumbed and bought a full set of black leathers as described by rocker. I will go further and say I like the smell, feel and sensuality of leather. To make my leather jacket more fashionable I customised it. The inspiration for this was from the Steve Martin film 'The Jerk' in which a lady motorcyclist has a leading role, her studded jacket was the basis for mine. I feel brilliant when I pull on my studded leather jacket and wear it as part of my general wardrobe and not just on my motorcycle. So wear your leather as a fashion statment and with pride. LEATHER ROCKS!

At 3:13 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

and love my leather jacket!

At 7:07 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

As I said in my earler message I love my leather jacket.I have read the emails by rocker and rockette with interest. My leather jacket is a fashion blazer which I wear to work and for socialising. I did not realise people could get so much fun out of wearing leather, especially as both of them wear full black leathers. I'm not sure I could find the courage to do that ,but I admire both of them for doing so,even as vegetarians. As this blog started about whether we should use or wear leather shoes as a vegetarian , it is difficult to find a really good replacement for leather, so I do wear leather shoes and boots. And after reading about rocker and rockette I am going to get myself a pair of black leather biker boots and possibly a matching black leather biker jacket. The matching jeans may have to wait, however I may decorate and customise the jacket with studs like rockette, your jacket sounds amazing. I love the way you have the courage to wear it a part of your everyday clothes and not just on your bike. But for now I will add to my leather collection and keep you posted to my friends reactions.

At 10:30 AM, Anonymous rocker said...

What have I started. It's good for the debate to take off like it has. Great to see rockette has gone further than me and customised her jacket with studs . I did see the film you referred to and the lady biker's jacket was amazing. If your's looks anything like that it will be superb. I'm not sure it's for me though, leathers too expensive to adorn like that unless you are absolutely certain and as you appear to be good on yer! Some of my friends have gone further for a more authentic rocker look and applied chains and studs to their jackets. They look cool but I prefer to keep mine an all black profile. As to Anonymous you need to take it as slowly as you need, but it might help you to see how good, fashionable and sexy the full black leather look can be if you watch Alannah Myles 'Our World Our Time' video on Youtube. Alannah looks amazing in her black leather biker jacket and leather jeans. Her boots are really hot and complement the jacket and jeans really well. So Anonymous my advice would be to hold back on customising your jacket with studs and spend the extra bucks on a pair of matching jeans. I'm sure you'll agree after watching Alannah. Go for it veggies can wear leather with pride.

At 11:20 PM, Anonymous Helena said...

What has happened to this blog. As a vegetarian I would never ever wear leather. Rocke and rockette are on the wrong blog. A vegetarian cannot justify wearing leather ever.

At 8:25 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow. Thanks rocker, you are right and Alannah Myles does look fantastic on the video you mentioned. Still haven't had a chance to see the film rockette says the bikers jackets on yet but will keep you posted.

At 12:00 PM, Anonymous rockette said...

It's great to see Anon is thinking of joining in with the biker boots and jacket look. If you think mine might have too many studs for your liking (but you do need to see the film to see how tasteful it can be)check out Suzi Quatro's website, she has a studded leather on, not as many as in my jacket, but enough to give an idea of how to customise a jacket.

At 1:49 AM, Anonymous rockette said...

Just thought I would drop another line to help Anon. I see you wear leather to your work but unlike me you probably cannot wear studded leather in your job. As I work in the fashion, media and art world I am lucky that I can wear my studded leather jacket on assignments. As it is a mainstay of my wardrobe it gets teamed with lots of different outfits. My jacket helps me get noticed and most people make positive comments and compliment me. For assignments I have a black leather satchel I team with my jacket. My fellow vegetarian friends say how good the studded biker jacket and bag go together. And for Helena I even go to vegetarian and vegan restaurants in my black leather studded jacket and most people make favourable comments, very few people make disparaging remarks. I feel comfortable and that is what counts so never say never about leather. Anon go for it and enjoy your leather - but do watch the film so you can see how good my look can be.

At 12:37 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rockette thanks for your support. You are right I can only wear my leather blazer to work. I will keep you posted and give you my thoughts as soon as I have seen the film. It is top of my shopping list.

At 1:21 PM, Anonymous rockette said...

Anon Just to give an idea of my jacket I have got about a thousands small conical studs in it. This may sound a lot but when I wear it to go out in full black leathers (and not on my motorcycle) I team it with a pair of black leather jeans that are a size tighter than the ones I use on my bike. This makes the whole outfit more dressy than using my bike jeans and because the studs are small it makes the whole outfit more suitable for general socialising. Get youself studded and leathered.

At 1:42 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

rockette my blazer is black leather and having seen the video of Alannah Myles rocker suggested she is wearing tight leather jeans like the ones you describe you wear when not biking. You and rocker have given me so many options but I am tempted to get the jeans first to team with my blazer to see how the full leather look suits me. It would be great to see the faces of my work colleagues, (but I know the studded biker jacket is a no no), and could team the outfit with my black leather beatle boots. I just get excited at all the choices but do intend to get the black biker jacket and boots - but before or after the jeans - I'm not sure yet. As a vegetarian like you I have dicussed this topic of buying full leathers with vegetarian and vegan friend some have said it is morally wrong but others have been very supportive and told me to go ahead. They have all followed the discussion we are having with interest. What I do know is that I like is the creak of my leather blazer when I wear it.

At 7:17 AM, Anonymous helena said...

I just do not get it. Why are three people discussing leather on a vegetarian blog. I think they should be on a leather forum blog because veggies like myself and my friends just do not see how you can wear leather, as it is morally wrong, especially if you don't eat meat.

At 2:39 AM, Anonymous rockette said...

I know the debate on this blog has become a little narrow in focus and that Helena and the blog author do not think you can be a veggie and wear leather - well I totally disagree. I have been a veggie for ten years and wore leather shoes etc and no one criticised me. When I started motorcycling and bought a full set of black leathers one or two friends raised concerns but when I pointed out it was only a continuation of wearing leather shoes (many of whom wore them and still do)they could see it was a realistic stance to adopt, because leather unlike fur is not killed for it's skin but for food and therefore the leather will exist. So may stance is that it should be used and put to good purpose. I wonder if any of the never wear leather crowd actually have leather furniture etc? However,I do not want to finish on a negative, only to say I love my leather look and feel sexy and sensual in it so don't have a guilty conscience. If you like the look and feel of leather buy it and use it. I personally like the black leather biker jacket look (as worn by Robin Beck, Alannah Myles, and Marianne Faithfull in their youtube videos). These girls look fabulous and I hope I look as good as them when I am in my leathers, except my jacket is studded and since starting the discussion with Rocker and Anon I am thinking of putting some chains on it. Please accept this as fashion and enjoy your clothes. I will keep you informed.

At 2:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have finally bought a pair of leather trousers/jeans to go with my leather blazer. They look great at home but have yet to wear to work.

At 4:33 AM, Anonymous rockette said...

I have just been reading The Big Issue in which there is a feature on Anita Roddick who owned The Body Shop. As a founder of the idea that animals should not be exploited for cosmetics and was against laboratory testing of animals to this end it occurs to me to be the equivalent stance to not eating meet (I am not sure whether Anita was a vegetarian) but it was a stance against animal cruelty. In the rememberance of Anita she is seen in several photos wearing a leather jacket or coat, does this make her stance for ethical cosmetics hypocritical, or do we accept she raised people's conscience's to this awful trade (eg rabbits being blinded to ensure the latest shampoo was safe for humans to use). If it is the former we have no hope , if it is the latter we can all learn from her activist approach. In which case I actively do not eat meat or fish because animals suffer and would not wear fur because it is the primary cause of their death. However as Anita demonstates by wearing leather it is not the primary cause of the animals death (in terms of cattle,lambs and pigs)and does not invalidate her efforts to cease animal exploitation and cruelty. How many people who claim to be vegetarians may use cosmetics tested on animals? In wearing leather I am not being hypocritical, just enjoying a fashion I find exciting and part of my personality. So Anon find the confidence to wear your leather blazer and jeans to work. It is a times like this I see myself as ok for wearing my leathers

At 3:30 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rockette still not found the courage to wear my leather jeans and blazer to work as one outfit. But have seen the film you have referred to and the studded jacket on the lady motorcyclist is VERY HOT. if your's is like this you must look superb. Thanks for the encouragement

At 1:36 PM, Anonymous Rockette said...

Anon I know it will take some courage but once you have done it you will wonder why it took so long. Maybe you should just wear the jeans to work one day and then let people get used to them and then team them with the blazer. On the topic of biker jackets have you seen Alannah Myles in her latest myspace website. She is wearing a biker jacket and still looks fabulous. It is a style associated with her so if you have any doubts about the leather look Alannah has used the style since Black Velvet was released in 1989. She still looks VERY HOT. PS Is Rocker still out there?

At 3:01 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rockette I took big the step of wearing my leather jeans to work teamed with my beatle boots. Although I was a little self conscious very few people either did not notice or made no comment. Those people who did where very positive and liked them, some for more obvious reasons than others but they were generally well received. This has given me a massive boost to my confidence and attitude to wearing leather in public. Thanks.

At 12:19 AM, Anonymous Polly said...

I have just discovered this blog and like a Helena I am a little confused by these people who like to wear leather and yet claim to be vegetarians out of a sense of concern for animal welfare still buy and extol the virtues of wearing a dead animal that has been slaughtered for it's skin. How weird is that!

At 8:03 AM, Anonymous helena said...

great to know someone else has my views.

At 9:57 AM, Anonymous Rocker said...

Hi Rockette Rocker is still here and alive. Was very interested in what you had to say about Anita Roddick. I have some thoughts on some celebrity vegetarian and a high street clothes chain but will save it until another time. Glad to see Anon has worn her leathers to work and glad response was positive. Sometimes the biggset fear is fear itself. Also pleased you bought the leather jeans rather than studding a biker jacket at this stage. Keep getting leathered!

At 1:24 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Went to work in my leather blazer jeans and beatle boots all black leather so I stood out today and the response was fucking amazing. People who had doubts etc were really supportive and complimentory. I felt brilliant and will do it more often - the thing is I felt valued and sexy in my leather suit and intend to make more leather purchases as I have said in previous e mails. Love to Rockette and Rocker for their valued support and belief in me. You guys are amazing.

At 1:54 AM, Anonymous Annie said...

How can the author of this blog say as a vegeterian that it is wrong to wear leather but if you already own some leather not to throw it away as this would be the waste of life. Could she explain please?

At 5:45 AM, Anonymous Mike said...

Your right Leather is Hot! And you guys out there should see the film Me and Will about two bikiing chicks. Nothing is hotter than a chick in biker leathers.

At 3:23 PM, Anonymous rockette said...

YES LEATHER IS HOT AND DOES ROCK and is great to wear especially riding a bike!

At 11:48 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rockette I agree with you and after the support and compliments I have received from friends colleagues and this blog. I have purchased a lewis leather lightning black biker jacket. I love the zipped pockets etc and it looks really good with my leather jeans and beatle boots. There are some really good 'biker' boots out this autumn and will look to get a pair.

At 11:49 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Forgot to say continue rocking!

At 8:34 AM, Anonymous rockette said...

To all those who think it is wrong to be a vegetarian and wear black leathers please see the Suzi Quatro youtube videos. Om GMTV Suzi says that she has always and will continue to wear leather. This is the stance she takes on her new dvd 'Naked Under Leather'. On her 'Forever Leather' dvd Paul McCartney says it is a good video but an inappropriate title for a vegetarian but Macca does not slag off Suzi. What have those bloggers and Chrissie Hynde to say to this. I'm like Suzi and will continue to wear my black biking leathers, especially my studded jacket. Must say Anon the Lewis Lightning is a fantastic jacket. I'm almost jealous but I bet you look great. Keep on rocking and like the title to Suzi's dvd says LEATHER FOREVER.

At 12:27 AM, Anonymous Rocker said...

Yes Rockette I mentioned Suzi Q in my first blog contribution So Keep your Leathers on.

At 1:30 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rockette I have looked at all the fashion biker boots and some are fantastic and so are the prices. So in the end rather than just get fashion boots for biker chic I have bought the real thing, a pair of lewis leathers 191 motorway boots. They look the business with my lightning jacket and leather jeans. I also like wearing the lightning jacket with skinny jeans tucked inside the boots. However I will wear them with other outfits as they look as good as the more fashion boots do. I cannot believe that as a vegetarian and someone shy of wearing leather I am now making a bold personal and fashion statement. I have to admit I love wearing these leathers they make me feel good about myself. Thanks

At 4:09 PM, Anonymous Rocker said...

Anon now you have the full leathers and you are thinking of studding and customising your jacket check out the youtube video of Free Wishing Well. The studded biker jacket worn by the chick is so fucking amazing and she is so sexy. See what you think. and let me know.

At 12:09 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow Rocker what a fantastic vid. The jacket is absolutely ridiculously gobsmacking out of this world. An absolute gem of a jacket. I am SO jealous !!!

At 12:00 PM, Anonymous rockette said...

I have just learnt that Anita Roddick was a vegetarian and tried to have cosmetics not tested on animals BUT to some she is a hypocrite because she wore leathers. As I said in a previous blog where do other people stand on this because at least Anita did SOMETHING to relieve animal suffering. Where would Chrissie Hynde stand on this, who only seems to berate people who wear leather. I know who I would support on the issues and will therefore continue to wear my black leather biker gear and studded jacket. And still call myself a vegetarian.

At 8:16 AM, Anonymous rockette said...

Where has everybody gone? I've added several chains to my studded black leather biker jacket and I think it looks the business. What I really like is the touch look smell feel sensuality and sexuality of leather especially when it creaks. I just feel so sexy in my leathers and they are a turn on! And yes I am a vegetarian like Anita Roddick !

At 3:01 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy New Year everyone . Decided it was time to get back in touch. I've really taken to wearing my leathers more full time, I feel so comfortable in them, both at work and casually. What I have found is that at first people who have not seen me before, or in a while dressed in leather are usually surprised and get into discussion with me. It is the Biker jacket that get's most comments, saying it makes me look like a rocker. That's ok with me, as I like the look. The veggie bit (as I don't eat meat) is the one most people are surprised at, but as I have become more confident about wearing leather and been seen to wear it most people are more accepting that I like to wear it as it makes me feel good about myself (although I wouldn't go as far as rockette). I am looking to get some more leather garments in the near future. So to every leather wearing veggie enjoy.

PS rockette your jacket sounds great but like rocker I will not be decorating my biker jacket with studs - however another jacket and who know's !

At 9:47 AM, Anonymous rockette said...

Hi Anon Glad to see you're back. You have certainly got onto the biker look wholeheartedly and good on you. Well maybe you don't get the same effect wearing leathers as I do but I stand by my statement wearing leather makes me feel alive sexually and I love it. Further I have added more chains to my jacket (10 in all) and a further 500 studs. making 1.500 studs in in all. I get lot's of compliments when out with the biking crowd with the jacket and full leathers on. And I'm glad you like the rocker look because I've just got a white silk scarf and that does give the total rocker look which I adore. And yes I still wear the jacket to work.

At 11:36 AM, Anonymous rocker said...

Rockette your studded jacket sounds fantastic. Does it look as good as the one worn by the girl in the Free 'Wishing well' video. The jacket she wears is a work of art and so sexy.

At 11:32 PM, Blogger Miss Twist said...

Ummm, you guys are aware that the vast majority of leather comes from animals that ARE killed SOLELY for their skins.

On the other hand apparently tannery chemicals etc are actually less bad for the environment that the chemicals and waste from making the vegan substitute.

I wear leather however I do not support the leather industry. All my leather is second hand with the only exception being my work boot which up until recently I had not found a vegan friendly version of. I found a site that does them, basically steel capped doc martins, today at a reasonable price.

As for biking... ever heard of Draggin denim? They're a brand of hot hot hot jeans that are specifically made for wearing whilst riding. Lined with Kevlar and the works.

Actually an exception to my "I don't support" statement. There is one business near here that uses local skins to create their leather gear. The cows are definitely slaughtered for food. I know this cause it's the meat I buy for my boy from the local farmers market.

At 8:21 AM, Anonymous rockette said...

Hi miss twist I don't quite understand what is meant by secondhand leather. Is this vintage leather or just leather you have not bought new. If it is vintage I can sse your stance but just to say secondhand could mean someone had a new jacket and you bought it off them after only a couple of months. How does this differ to me buying new leather.

I like to wear leather rather than denim because I prefer to. It is how I express myself through the Rocker lifestyle.So for me wearing studded black leather jackets is a personal preference and choice.

At 6:02 AM, Anonymous rockette said...

Just back to let you all know I have added a further 500 studs to my jacket.making 2,000 studs in all. It really is a brillant jacket and though it may appear over the top to some it really makes me feel fantastic when on the bike. It tops off the leather jeans and biker boots to give the total rocker look. So come on get the leather on and enjoy life

At 2:30 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is truly some hick shit. Good entertainment to read.
Any money spent on new leather goes direct to the meat and leather industry so they can continue killing animals...
Also, if you enjoy the feeling and "sensuality" of dead animal skin rubbing against your own then I would assume you may want to focus your energy somewhere besides vegetarianism... Maybe something like NASCAR or stripping.

At 10:15 AM, Anonymous Rockette said...

I decided not to reply to this immediately as I think it is a cheap jibe. Now having had time to consider Anon. I do not know what your problem is. All I have done through this blog is to inform and hopefully entertain people about not getting hung up on the vegetarianism aspect to one's life. I had lots of debates internal and external with friends regarding the ethics of wearing leather as a veggie. But then I discovered rhe joys of motorcycling which involved eventually wearing leathers to ride in. As my joy of motorcycling increased so did my contact with other bikers. It was because of this contact and making new friends that I decided I liked the Rocker look and Lifestyle. This meant I started to customise my jacket with the appropriate studs, chains etc to authenticate the style. Yes this means I do enjoy wearing leather from top to toe to protect myself while riding, but it also gives me a great feeling knowing I like wearing leather and look good in it. So I will not apologise for not eating meat but wearing leather. I have explained this stance in other comments on this blog. And yes I do feel sexy and sensual wearing my studded black leather biker jacket. Now it's time to get out the bike, you go to NASCAR and strip if you want to.
From your leather clad Rocker: Rockette

At 11:37 AM, Anonymous LINDA said...

Hi Rockette I have usually sent my thought's in as Anon because I was new to wearing leather. I want to offer my support for your comments. I will sign off with my name at the end, but thanks to you I have begun to wear leather on a daily basis, for work and leisure. Just to update you I have bought another biker jacket and started to customise it with studs (but not as many as you!). I like to team this with a non leather mini skirt and my biker boots just to vary the look. Along with the new biker jacket I have bought a couple of short leather skirts, a leather maxi skirt, some more leather pants, a pair of leather thigh boots, another leather blazer-but what I really like is my long black leather maxi coat. If this all sounds a bit OTT then maybe it is but who cares. We only have one life and I intend to live mine to the full. Thanks to you and Rocker giving me the courage to dress as I want and enjoy. All I can say to you or anyone live life. Mine involves the enjoyment of wearing leather, which is comfortable to wear and I feel comfortable in. So I now mix and match and often have several full leather days. So for all who read this enjoy.

PS Rockette, since I've taken to wearing my biker jackets I have been chatted up several times by bikers so I could be joining you as a fully fledged BLACK LEATHER CLAD ROCKER!

From your friend LINDA (which is put on my jacket in studs)

At 11:40 AM, Anonymous LINDA said...

PS Forgot to add in my blog notes that I have also got to leather waistcoats! Cheers for now. Keep on wearing your Leather!

At 4:29 AM, Anonymous Rocker said...

I have decided to rejoin this debate,but will return to a theme I raised a while ago. Chrissie Hynde complained last year about Gap claiming she supported wearing leather (the debate is more complex than that, but it is the gist of it) and CH replied and went to law to say she was a strict vegetarian and supported animal rights. Ok so far but then CH went on to say she had no friends who wore leather and would go out of her way to avoid anyone who wore leather. Again, ok so far, if that is what she believes and has the right to express those views. BUT is this the same Chrissie Hynde who has stated she never wore leather trousers but fake one's in her heyday with the Pretenders. Again, ok BUT SHE DID WEAR LEATHER BIKER JACKETS AND BOOTS. Check out the cover of 'Pretenders' from 1979. She is wearing a red lewis leather jacket and matching boots (and she looks good). I know this is nearly 30 years ago, bot CH DID WEAR LEATHER!. I also know that thirty years is a long time ago, but it is the ferocity and almost vindictive reponse to anyone wearing leather that appears a little hypocritical, coming from a former leather wearer, to those who still wear leather today. Of course Ms Hynde is entitled to change her views etc but a little more compassion to people would be appreciated on this topic. AFter all has as been pointed out in previous blogs by Rockette, Anita Roddick wore leather and campaigned for cruelty free cosmetics so animals were not necessarily mistreated for humans desires etc. Does this 'contradiction' invalidate AR's efforts? So, yes I am pleased Rockette and Linda wear leather and do not eat meat. I am in the same position, but will not get into the fashion debate this time as I seek some views from others on this topic, relating to CH and AR.

At 9:02 AM, Anonymous Rocker Leather Linda said...

Hi Everyone
It's a while since I contacted the site and I'm pleased to say I am now totally hooked on wearing leather, especially shiny black leather and the more the better. This is for Rockette and Rocker if they are still out there(?). Thanks to you two I am now fully the leather lady. To think a few months back I dare not even wear leather in public beyond my leather blazer, but now I wear leather most days, even to work and most people hardly comment and I have gained in confidence. The point is I adore wearing leather from simple black leather skirts to my studded leather biker jacket. So Rockette I took up your challenge and have customised my lewis leather lightning jacket (a bit expensive maybe - but what can a girl do but use the best) so what have I done? I added badges several chains and over a 1000 studs and also bought some lewis leathers jeans to go with the jacket and lewi leathers motorway boots to get the total rocker look when I'm on a bike. I've even started to learn to ride! If I'm not on the bike and it's a girls night out I really go for it! I like to wear my really short black leather micro mini (or should that be belt?), my four inch stiletto black leather thigh boots, a black leather basque or vest and my studded leather biker jacket. This look makes me very confident in myself. Other times I will replace the biker jacket with a maxi black leather coat. For work I dress down with leather blazer skirts trousers etc but most days and evenings you will catch me in leather. And as my confidence has soared I even turn up for work in my full rocker look on our firms monthly dress down day. Maybe it is dress up day for me. Anyway to everyone out there enjoy life and even if you don't wear leather be happy. Rockette and Rocker get in touch. Keep wearing leather.

At 6:25 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Chrissie Hynde has been outspoken on the subject, if you read carefully ... she has pretty much given up leather, has admitted to leather soles sometimes in her shoes [because non -leather shoes/boots, can still be hard to find]. But I think the gist of it, is still ... LEATHER IS A DEAD ANIMAL. If you do not eat animals, you should not wear them. You are still supporting the 'dead animal' industry if you wear leather. Ghandi said: “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated”. Like others, I am 'phasing out' leather, and putting my dollars to work in support of awesome non-leather manufacturers and designers. Chrissie Hynde, Natalie Portman, Stella McCartney are all rocking chicks who are vegetarian/ vegan, and do not wear leather.

At 6:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

thank you, vegetarian fashionista, for provoking these thought-inducing vegetarian debates!! rock on.

At 6:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I should also have added Pam Anderson. Beneath the blonde and the boobs is a truly committed animal rights activist. She tells her kids that butter comes from 'cow's butts', to gross them out. But if you think about it, it's TRUE! Pam is another rocking cool vegetarian/ vegan. Rock on Pam!

At 12:35 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Didn't Pammy dress in full black biker leathers in 'Barbed Wire'?

At 8:43 AM, Anonymous Rocker Leather Linda said...


Sorry again. I meant to put my name to the previous blog for which I am respojsible. That is, Pammy wore full leathers in 'Barbed Wire' Ok so Chrissie Hynde as given up wearing leather but why do these people become so zealous in their vegetarianism and anti-leather stance. Yes, leather is the skin of a dead animal but it depends how we view that skin. As a by-product of the meat industry it would be a shame to waste it - so make good use of it. If that means making leather jackets that can be enjoyed then so much the better. I like wearing leather and will wear it (and the more the better). I can square this with my non-meat eating and consider myself a vegetarian after not eating any flesh for over a decade. Rock on wearing leather is a pleasure.

At 11:46 PM, Anonymous Rocker Leather Linda said...

Love Life Love Leather! I will report more tales of LIFE in LEATHER on my next blog report.

At 10:05 AM, Anonymous Rocker Leather Linda said...

Rocker Leather Linda Back to complete my blog. I said earlier how much I enjoy wearing leather now that I have overcome my inhibitions and previous lack of confidence in wearing leather in public. Well now I have and enjoy nothing more than shopping in Portobello Road and Camden Town/Market. Here I feel free and great wearing my black leather thigh boots; with five inch heels, black leather micro mini with a very studded leather belt,black leather basque, my black leather studded lewis lightning jacket and a black leather rocker style cap. This outfit really makes me feel great and adds to my confidence especially when I get admiring glances from the guys. My fella enjoys and gets turned on when i wear this outfit. He adores me in leather. So please Pammy Anderson and Chrissie Hynde don't lay your disgust with your own leather wearing pasts' on people like me. I am just a gal who doesn't eat meat but enjoys wearing leather.

At 9:47 PM, Anonymous Leather Joan said...

Hello Everyone!
As I was wondering about the internet I ran into this extremely interesting blog and I had to express my interest in the subject matter. I am also going through the phase in my life where I am trying to leather-up my wardrobe and reading all about your transitions really got me excited and ecouraged! Especially Linda's story. I also recenly got a pair of leather pants, a biker jacket and a bag full of studs! Let's just see what I can make out of them. If anyone knows where I can find some inspirational designs please let me know. I was also wondering about your opinion on side laced leather pants and studded leather fingerless gloves? Couple of days ago I ran into them at a local leather shop with reasonable price and I was wondering if you girls had any idea how I can incorporate those into my leathered daily life...? Hoping to hear from from you soon! Rock on Leather!

At 6:41 AM, Anonymous Rocker Leather Linda said...

Hi Again
This Saturday I will be on Camden Market most of the day. I will be wearing a toned down outfit of slimfit jeans over which I will have on a pair of 5 inch heels black leather thigh boots which are only 2 inches short of my crotch (I love them really long and high). I will have on a couple of studded leather belts a tight fitting black ace cafe T-shirt and A black leather lewis lightning jacket (without studs). I finish the ensemble if with a white silk rocker scarf. I normally wear my studded lewis leather but bourght this new lightning jacket as thety are so hot and trendy to wear. I also wanted more of a black leather profile this time. What I would like for my boots are some spurs if anyone knows where I can get them. They look great with boots. I understand it is possible to have leather boot chaps which give a more leather profile than thigh boots any thoughts please?

At 7:09 AM, Anonymous Rockette said...


Rockette back.It's great to see that Linda Is really enjoying her leathered life and good that you are learning to ride a bike. How did yesterday go on Cam Market? I have been watching the blog with interest and pleased others have joined the debate, As for Leather Joan, I like dressing in my biker leathers and 2000 studded jacket but not sure about the studded fingerless gloves. As to laced leather jeans I don't have any but I understand thay can be comfortable and you can get a tigher fit. I will hear from you all soon. As Leather Joan says ROCK ON LEATHER!

At 7:10 AM, Anonymous Leather Whore said...

Wow. this is a great blog and I came across it while wiling away some time on internet. Have to say I am engrossed with Rocker Leather Linda's story, but do have some concerns about the need to justify wearing leather. It is ok to not eat meat and wear leather. Thankfully, I do not have this dilemma, as I eat meat and DO wear leather. To me it is a great fabric to use . I have worn leather for years and do not understand the issues related to wearing the product. I will continue to wear leather for as long as it is produced and available. To me LEATHER ROCKS and the more people wear it the better.

At 2:34 AM, Anonymous Rocker said...

Ha again

Great to see that Rocker Leather Linda has taken to leather so much in her life. I just wanted to say that although I see why people put studs in their biker jackets I have seen a perfect reason why one wouldn't and the reason I tend to resist putting studs in my jacket. The reason is the beautiful leather profile of head to toe black leather worn by Izabella Scorupo-Shame Shame Shame on Youtube. This is the profile I like in black leather and Izabella look's so hot in her full shiny black leather! Leather Rocks!

At 11:42 AM, Anonymous Rocker Leather Linda said...

Good to see others are joining thios blog because it has been a revlation to me and allowing the true me to come out - but I will save that for another blog. Just logged in to say Rockette the other Saturday down Cam Market was brilliant. The totally black leather profile ( Yes Rocker I have viewed the Shame Shame vid and can see why you like ladies dressed that way!).It was great wearing my Non studded black lewis leather lightning jacket. I fastened the front zip and love the way this jacket hugs the body. It's fantastic being almost encased in leather to the extent I was.
As to Leather Joan. I'm not sure about the fingerless leather glove but I may try a pair of lace up leather jeans. This item is not part of my wardrobe yet and sound good for getting the tight feel I like when wearing leather. As to studding a biker jacket. With my Lewis Lightning I follwed the outline of the seams and gradually moved on from there, slow but sure. As for inspiration I looked at several vids on youtube. To assist I would recommend the following:
A)Free Wishing Well - the girl in this vid is wearing an absolute gem of a jacket.
B)Transvision Vamp - Tell that girl to shut up. Wendy James is wearing a killer jacket.
C)Alannah Myles- Black Velvet. Alannah is wearing a great studded leather jacket with matching leather chaps.
D)Check out 'leatherbyker' he is wearing a class jacket in true rocker style with patches studs and what I adore several chains.
E) Also check out the Steve Martin film - The Jerk, Rockette recommended this to see the female biker with a massive amount of studs on the back a great jacket.

As you can see I really like to see customised studded and chained black leather biker jackets. And I am glad I followed Rockette's advice to customise my own. Although I didn't wear it the other Sat it is the one I like to wear the most, especially on the bike.

On a more serious note I will be back at a later date to discuss why I wear leather and still consider myself a vegetarian (which I think will be in keeping with the purpose of the original point of this blog).

Until then good luck to Leather Joan and let us know how the studding develops. LEAD A LEATHERED LIFE: From a girl FULLY ENCASED IN SHINY BLACK LEATHER AS I WRITE!

At 11:54 AM, Anonymous Rocker Leather Linda said...

PS Can any one please help with finding stirrups and some ankle chains for my leather thigh boots? Also love the tight fitting black lewis leather lightning jacket and the way it creaks as I move.Leather makes me feel so sexy.

At 9:10 PM, Anonymous Leather Joan! said...

Hey Everyone!

I am so glad to see all these new posts! It is great to get all these point of view on leather. Unlike you bike riding girls, I am not really a part of a leather wearing biking community, which makes it really hard for me to wear leather from head to toe and just go out. Perhaps I can do like Linda and wear my leathers when I go out for shopping or just walking around the streets of New York City where I live :) What other types of activities do you girls wear your leathers to, so that I can expand my leather wearing time?

Linda, I looked at the links that you recommended and the jackets that those girls are wearing are really kick ass :) I am going to do my best to create something as beautiful as theirs.

I am also having trouble with what I should wear underneath my biker jacket. I can't really think of much else but black t-shirts... what do you girls wear with your biker jacket especially when paired with a pair of leather pants?

I also just bought myself a pair of fingerless leather gloves (without studs) and currently love wearing them. goes great with the jacket and red nail polish :)

Just waiting on the lace up pants now! LEATHER UP EVERYONE!

At 12:17 PM, Anonymous Rocker Leather Linda said...

Hi Leather Joan

Glad you have come back to the blog. I have only just joined the biking community after much soul searching of whether to wear leather. I had always liked the British Rocker look of studded leather jackets and and full black leathers. I took the plunge and bought a black leather biker jacket as a fashion statement. I then met a crowd who suggested I join them on ride outs, which I did, and liked it so much I am now learning to ride.
As to what I wear underneath a biker jacket, like you I was limiting myself to T-shirts but with a bit of imagination I eventually widened my choices. On the bike I started to wear heavy woollen sweaters for warmth and a black leather waistcoat.

As to off the bike I started to wear blouses I wore with other everyday outfits (leather and non - leather). So whether I wear my studded leather jacket or non-studded leather jacket I wear light blouses to soften the look. Some are crisp white blouses, or lacy tops, and some with ruffles etc. The look I particularly like is a crisp white cotton blouse either tucked into my leather jeans or left hanging out. Either way looks fashionable and very smart.So when I go shopping I will have on my biker jacket, blouse, tight (VERY tight) leather jeans and my thigh length leather boots pulled over the top. Joan I hope this helps.

Glad you like some of the beautiful studded leather jackets those girls are wearing on the videos. Keep the blog informed as to how the studding goes. Remember to add some chains, I think they look great hanging off a studded black leather biker jacket.

One thing further I am going to do, as I love studded leather, is put studs in the front of one of my micro minis. This, along with the studded biker jacket should hopefully maximise the studded leather look. And worn with a white blouse with ruffles should look really hot. Maybe I will wear some red nail polish. Thanks for the idea Joan.


At 11:06 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You girls and all this leather, have got to be kidding - Right?

At 12:43 PM, Anonymous Rocker Leather Linda said...

OMG! Just watched Marianne Faithfull'Ballad of Lucy Jordan' and she is wearing a black leather biker jacket with a black leather micro skirt,with a blouse with a ruffled collar.The look I thought was new. Still it was a great look in the 70's and I love the look now. Black Leather never dates.

And NO we girls aren't kidding we love our leather.

At 8:28 PM, Anonymous Leather Joan! said...

Hey There,
I just watched the same video too and she looks just like how you described your clothing style Linda. I felt as if I was watching you! It surely is a great look. Go girl. I also found a store near by my house that sells boot chains, boot straps with studs/spikes and even spurs! However, I live in New York and I am not quite sure if you can come here to shop Linda :)

I was also wondering if any of you would like a share a picture of your studded/chained jacket with me as I want to see some homemade ones instead of the ones on the internet videos, which are probably made by some designer and not the girl who is wearing it. This should give me a good idea on what's feasible to create with what I've got! I can't wait.

Leather up girls!

At 4:21 PM, Anonymous Rocker Leather Linda said...

OMG I love wearing studded black leather SO MUCH I have invested in a black leather burberry trenchcoat covered in silver studs and a matching burberrysilver studded tote bag.I just love all those studs and wearing the two with matching black leather dress and black leather knee high boots, black leather gloves is gorgeous.STUDDED LEATHER ROCKS!

At 11:07 AM, Anonymous Rocker said...

Hey Linda
Just watched the Marianne Faithfull vid. A great black leather biker jacket and leather mini skirt. SO COOLif you look that good.Inpassing just want to mention how hot Cate blanchett looks in full black lewis leather fringed lightning jacket and matching black leathe lewis jeans. The Triumph chained belt is greatand make for a sexy lady in a sexy outfit. This is the iconic British Rocker look at it's best on one of my favourite actresses.More women should dress like this Keep up the good work Linda. LONG LIVE SHINY BLACK LEATHER AND ROCKERS.

At 5:01 AM, Anonymous Rocker said...

OK OK OK or should that be KO KO KO.I just cannot stop watching the Yeah Yeah Yeahs new vid with Karen O wearing one of the most spectacular leather biker jackets ever! Apparently the designer Christianjoy says it's got 3,500 studs to decorate the jacket. All I know is that it is AMAZING. I now see why Rocker Leather Linda and Rockette like their jackets studded. Karen O looks stupedous in hers-so maybe girls I should give in to the obvious and start studding.Leather Joan you should watch this vid for some ideas for your jacket.But for that less designer look check out Myspace studsandspikes; they have a slide show of some more home-designed studded jackets. But do check out Karen O her jacket is MINDBLOWING!

At 4:04 AM, Anonymous Rocker Leather Linda said...

OMG!WOW!WOW!WOW!BEAUTIFUL!BEAUTIFUL!BEAUTIFUL!AMAZING!AMAZING!AMAZING!JEALOUS!JEALOUS!JEALOUS!Rocker you are so right Karen O is wearing a SENSATIONAL BLACK LEATHER STUDDED CREATION!As you can guess I am bowled over by the jacket. It has 3,500 studs!It is just brilliant. I can't stop watching the vid. What it says to me is that we girls can now see a justification, vindication and CELEBRATION of studding and customising our black leather jackets,especially as Karen O's is a designer jacket and not DIY.

This brings me to my next point for Leather Joan. Thanks for the compliments regarding my leather style.To give you a clearer example go onto Google and type in "black leather jacket girls" click on images and the first picture is of a girl in black leather including jacket. mini skirt, and thigh length boots. That is exactly my style but with the preferred studded biker jacket etc.

Further to your request to send a picture of my studded jacket on line.As I work for a large international co and they have asked, because of my leather style dressing, that the company tolerate well, that I do not put the studded leather jacket online. However where I can help is to illustrate how I have studded and chained my lewis leather lightning jacket, is by giving the following leads all available online.

First go on to the "lewis" website and click on jackets. Find the lightning jacket, it has a crossover front, two breast pockets, two side pockets,a sleeve pocket and cuff, all zipped making eight zips in all.I have followed all the seams and studded round all the zips etc and covered the collar totally in studs and where the front folds back saturated that in studs (see Free Wishing Well vid on Youtube for look).I have totally covered the front and sleeves in studs. I have a chain hanging from each shoulder to collar in half loops to complete the front.

As to the back of the jacket this is in three large panels, From the shoulders to top third is a gentle v- shape, with a large back area and a third section at the bottom of ths jacket. To get a good idea of ths type of jacket go on Google type in "studded leather jackets" and you will find on youtube "leatherbyker" smoking cigarettes in his studded jacket. Forget everything else the jacket is AMAZING. On one of the three vids you can see the back of his jacket. The three section design is similiar to the lightning jacket. Where he has "LONDON* in studs I have my name "LINDA" surrounded by small patterns of studs. To continue, the shoulder panel on my jacket is covered in studs as is the centre panel above my name. These two panels are maxed up with studs in various patterns/designs to cover as much leather as possible. From each of the seams(see leatherbyker vids) I have several chains hanging. To match the two on the front I have three loops hanging from the back shoulders(these are hung like the one's on leatherbykers arms). I have borrowed his ideas for the shape across the back and arms for further chains on my jacket. BUT I have added looped chains to the seam above "LINDA". At the bottom of the jacket I have put chains from the main fastening zip all the way round to the other side of the zip, therefore looped chains hang all the way round the bottom of my jacket..

You can now see why my firm asked me not to put my studded jacket online as it is very distinctive. Leather Joan I hope this helps with your design,as mine was totally DIY and took a long time to create. To help you further with Diy rather than designer jackets try "". This is a great site for Britsh rocker jackets, but probably the best is "" This site has amazing galleries of British rocker and Punk jackets in all their studded glory. Also try2Oxiblood's Myspace there is a slide show of customised and studded jackets.



At 7:43 PM, Anonymous Leather Joan said...

Hey Everyone!
Linda your jacket sounds amazing! After your super detailed description now I don't even need to see a picture of it. Also thanks for the other websites. I've been non-stop looking at studded/spiked/chained leather jacket pictures for the past few weeks now :)

As an update I have added the first row of studs on the shoulders of my biker jacket, right on the clip on shoulder piece. I figured that woud be a good place to start. small area which wouldn't take me a long time before seeing a result. I love how it looks now! I've been thinking of this for a while and now it is real.

Right after doing this I wore my recently studded jacket over a black t-shirt, paired with my recently purchaced side laced leather pants and studded belt.I walked around neighborhood a bit. It felt great! I went to some music stores and forced conversations with random people on how I look :P I had a lot of fun

Does anyone have any other updates or new stories?

Leather up girls!

At 3:00 PM, Anonymous Corrine said...

I've been following this site with great interest over the last few months. It is an amazing blog and not one I would readily look at but a friend told me about you girls and your biker jackets. She knows how much I like my black leather biker jacket.I have been following Linda And Joans comments of encouragement to one another and that is what inspired me to finally write to the blog with my views. I love the look that Linda describes eg Short mini skirt, above the knee boots and the biker jacket. I have long blond her and love the way I look. If you guys want to see pics of me type in 'Corinne in her biker jacket' then click on MedicOne'sphotostream. You will see me on the site. So fellow wears of leather please share your comments with me. I like the look and I hope you do too.

So continue to wear leather girls. I LOVE MY BLACK LEATHER BIKER JACKET!

At 11:33 AM, Anonymous Leather Joan said...

Hey Corrine!
Welcome to the blog! It is great to hear from new girls who also love to wear leather like us :) Your pictures look beautiful. Thank you for sharing! I think your hair matches great with your leather jacket. Is your jacket fringed? It's not really clear in the pictures but that's what think I see :) It looks very classy with your black dress and boots.

I guess I was wondering if you would like to share with us how often you wear your biker jacket? You get to wear it to work? Do you like maching it with leather pants and boots like me if you have any?
Any studs?

Tell us about what you like doing with your leather :)

Go leather!

At 12:55 AM, Anonymous Corinne said...

Hi Leather Joan
Thanks for your kind comments. Yes the jacket does have a six inch fringe on the sleeves and across the back. The look I have is as you say classy and that is why I dress this way. Rocker Leather Linda seems to have the same style, except with more leather.

As to how often I wear the biker jacket, virtually every day. I dress as in the in the pictures. Yes I do get to wear the jacket to work. As to other leather items I have only the boots and jacket at present, but I am tempted to get a leather mini skirt.

Not sure about the studs. Linda's jacket sounds great but not for me . At this stage anyway.

Please tell us more about your life in leather. Especially your conversations with people and their reactions to your full leathers.

Go Leather Joan.

At 2:19 AM, Anonymous Rocker Leather Linda said...

Hi Everyone

Thanks for your comments on my jacket Leather Joan. Pleased to see that you have eventually started to stud your jacket. I hope the websites give you as much inspiration as they did me. A studded biker jacket is fantastic.

Great to hear that you have worn full leathers in public with a studded belt and studs in your jacket. Please give us more info on how people reacted to you when you spoke to them. You have clearly found the confidence to leather up sooner than I did and go public with your look. Do you wear leather more now etc and where?

Will you be putting more studs in your jacket and buying more leather than you have at the moment.

Corinne you look fabulous in your leather biker jacket and your whole outfit is really classy. Good pictures. Love the biker jacket.

Here from you all soon

At 3:34 AM, Anonymous Corinne said...

Hi Again

Would be good to see pictures of others in their leather.

At 11:54 PM, Anonymous Rocker said...

Hi All

Corinne I just love your style.

At 10:43 AM, Anonymous Rocker said...

I'm Back

The reason I have returned so quickly to the blog is that not only is it to discuss wearing leather but the original reason was because as a vegetarian I wanted to discuss whether it was ok to wear leather. You girls have moved the topic along a lot further. I still seek others views on this.

However I have moved beyond whether I am being contradictory or not toally ethical because I enjoy wearing leather so much. Plus as a by-product of the meat industry the leather would only go to waste. I have reconciled my views I leave other to make their own observations.Back to wearing leather.

As previously stated I am a male and I like and enjoy the Rocker look.This means I love wearing full black leathers leather head to toe. My favourite style on females is worn by Alannah Myles on her Vid 'Our World Our Times'. I admire her style so much that when I saw her at a gig in Wolverhampton in Oct 2008 in homage to Alannah I wore a black leather biker jacket, black leather jeans and black leather chelsea boots. I felt really comfortable dressed in such clothing and leather is so comfortable to wear. So to those who are uncertain overcome your fears and LEATHER UP. Most people were complimentary about my outfit and particularly several females who admired my stance on wearing full black leather sand themselves wore black leathers and liked the Rocker look.


At 8:37 PM, Anonymous Leather Joan said...

Hi Again,

It's great to see how quickly new posts pile up nowadays :) I need to check this blog everyday! Thanks for complimenting on my courage in wearing full leathers outside. I really loved the way I looked that day. Completely rock chick style finally, like I have been thinking about for a while. I felt great walking around New York with my leathers. I constantly went in and out of clothing stores to check myself out in mirrors all over the place :) My style was like of Joan Jett in her "I love rock and roll" video where in the beginning she is wearing a biker jacket with leather pants. Great entrance scene.

I really wanted to start quick conversations about leather with people, so I approached other leather wearing ladies who were about 10 - 20 years older than me in their 40s I guess. I knew they had to be wearing leathers back in the 80s so it was an easy winner :) They completely loved my style and kept on complimenting on my crazy style that reminded them of their younger days. I loved it. I had a harder time forcing leather conversation with people my age, since I would be really random all of a sudden, but soon I think I can do that too. Before the leather season is over I hope...

My friends totally hated my looks though... :( called me a lost biker. I will have to work on that a bit. any suggestions?

I really would like to see more photos of you girls and also send my pictures to you as well just so that we can know who we are talking to. We all know how Corrine looks like :) If you feel uncomfortable posting your pictures online like me please feel free to reach out to me in my personal e-mail address

Looking forward to hearing from all of you!

Leather up everyone!

At 11:57 PM, Anonymous Rocker Leather Linda said...

Hi Everyone
Leather Joan it's great to see you are studding your jacket. I like the Joan Jett style. Recently you said you wanted to see more DIY rather than fashion designer jackets. Well good news I've seen a really good jacket on Click on the Psychobilly set and this girl is wearing an amazing studded jacket. It is just drenched in studs especially the collar and the fold backs from the front zipper. She has an excellent amount of studs on the back. The style is similar to mine Look and enjoy.

Tell me what you think. As you can guess I just love studded leather biker jackets.

Get leathered up and studded!

At 7:55 AM, Anonymous Studded Leather Joan said...

Hello Everyone!

Thanks for the link Linda. I have not seen many posts here lately... Have people hung up their leathers in the closet as the summer has come?

Any ideas for leather during the summer?

Keep the blog posted!

At 2:49 AM, Anonymous Rocker Leather Linda said...

Hi Everyone,

No I have not hung up my leathers for the summer. I am still as leathered up as ever, even in the heatwave we are enjoying in England.

Joan you have added 'Studded' to yor name. I can only guess you have added more studs to your jacket. Details please.

At 2:03 PM, Anonymous Studded Leather Joan said...

Hi Again,

Linda I am glad that you are still wearing your leathers even in the heat. Your dedication is inspiring. With the current temperatures in New York I can only wear my leather pants and fingerless gloves without people asking me why am I wearing so much in such good weather :)

As my jackets are hanging in the closet, I dediced to add more studs for a bright new fall season and completely covered one of the four triangular collars of my biker jacket in 1/2 inch pyramid studs. It looks amazing and badass! :) As soon as I get time again I will also cover the other symetrical collar in similar pyramid studs.

I don't yet know what I will do with the upper collars though... I am thinking of small cone shaped spikes... any ideas girls?

go Leather!

At 5:49 AM, Anonymous Rocker Leather Linda said...

Hello Again

Thanks for still sending blogs. I have been a bit quiet Hols etc but now I hope to spend some more time blogging about my life in leather.

Hi again Joan. Great that you are continuing to stud your jacket. As for the full collar I would go all out and put as many studs in it as you can manage. Personally I would go for the pyramid studs rather than spikes. But that is a matter of personal choice, but whatever you choose -STUD THAT LEATHER.

Keep me updated. GO LEATHER GO!

Rocker Leather Linda XXX

At 8:41 AM, Anonymous Rocker Leather Linda said...

Hi everyone,

Just a quick line to say I now have a pic in one of my studded black leather biker jackets at Leatherrockerjacket1968 on You will see my studded creation under Cool Sudded Leather 16. Hope you like it !

Rocker Leather Linda !

At 6:42 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


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