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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Vegetarian Fashionista

So, I've decided to feature vegetarian fashionistas on my blog.
Vegetarian Fashionista #1: Pink

Now, Pink is not my fashion icon. But, she has developed a style all of her own. She puts outfits together very well, and (the main reason): she's a vegetarian! (Vegan, actually.) Also, have you seen that jacket?! Very cool. So, that is way Pink is my first Vegetarian Fashionista.


Ever since she refused to perform for Prince Harry of England, because he hunted, Pink has been known as a vegan. I heartily agree with her work with PETA. Let's hope we see more of her! (Also, she writes and sings totally great songs!)


At 10:46 AM, Anonymous Rocker Leather Linda said...

Sorry Fashionwhore but Pink may not eat meat but she sure wears leather jackets. See the Vid on youtube 'Fergie wearing krma Leather jacket' in which Pink features heavily wearing a leather jacket. Another pop star who claims one thing and is doing another.


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