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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Sometimes, to be a vegetarian fashionista

One must forgo typical beauty, and make her own. As in, "WHY can't I find anything that I can use?! Egad, I'll have to make my own.". Does anyone even know what egad means? Anyway, here are a few things that you can use for beauty uses:
*olive oil
Wonderful. Can be used as make-up remover, hot oil treatment for hair (put some in a glass, and put in a bowl of boiling water for ten minutes. Put in hair and wash out after half an hour), and mosturizer for hands and feet.
Mash it up and use for a face or hair mask.
In my bid to fulfill my new years resolution (yes, I'm still working on it. I haven't given up. Though I probably should.) I have started eating yogurt for a healthier breakfast. But, it also soaks up oil from your face. If you don't have an oily face, it mosturizes. Hmm, multi-tasking.


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